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TRX Bands

December 26, 2008

TRX Bands are a commercially available suspension training device.  You can purchase them and find out more information here

Here’s a video to check out this product.

Now, I’m not one who likes to spend $150 bucks on exercise equipment.  So, I ventured into a local tool store and found these

Web Sling

Web Sling

They’re a mere $9.99 and you can probably get them cheaper elsewhere.  It’s about 6.5 foot and can handle up to 2000 lbs.  I just hang it over a bar and loop one end through the other to secure it.  The only downside is that it’s not adjustable like the TRX bands.  But, with a little ingenuity, that’s not that difficult to overcome.  You could fold up part of it and use some good ol’ duct tape to secure the folded section or just devise a way to wrap it around the bar a few times.
I’d much rather spend $20 versus $150.  If you go on the TRX website, there’s a video library of exercises, too!