Late Toe-On Drill

Here’s a drill that I found while surfing around on YouTube. I have done the drill with a floor bar, but why didn’t I think of doing it as such as a first progression? This is like a “Duh” moment.

The video is from another website that you should definitely check out There is also a blog associated with the website.

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2 Comments on “Late Toe-On Drill”

  1. Paul E Says:

    As I am a boys coach I am not so sure how much of this will help you guys, but we also use this drill to train stalders. We do this exact same thing and come down in a straddle. This drill helps to alleviate the early drop from a handstand. Typically the biggest mistake made by athletes is dropping their legs straight down from the handstand and not allowing the body to go through the arch phase (just like in this video). Not sure how many girls are training stalders and endos, but the drill shown in that video is a great way to train them. (endos being done in reverse). If this is something that girls are doing and if anyone is interested, I would be glad to take some videos of the drills my boys are doing.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Feel free to take some videos, throw them on YouTube or some other similar site (i.e. Dailymotion, etc.), and we’ll gladly post the links on here. We want this to be somewhat of an open-forum atmosphere and welcome all contributions….anything to keep the content fresh and interesting. The more involvement that we have, the better.


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