Question about Tumbling Training

Julie Pickering has asked the following:

I am a gym owner not a coach. How do you get parents of low level gymnast, say level 4 and 5, that tumbling is a progression? I have a gymnast whos mom takes her to a cheer facility to progress her tumbling. It aggravates me and the coaches. Also in the town we live in most people want to do tumbling at the cheer gym because they are quick to teach a bhs etc. How do you get parents to understand this besides saying it is a safety factor. It really hurts my tumbling classes.

This is an excellent question!  Thanks for commenting, Julie.  Once again, I will give this to all of you first, and then add my comments a few days later.  I am really interested in your responses, as I am sure that Julie is as well.  Thanks all.

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One Comment on “Question about Tumbling Training”

  1. Chris Says:

    Educate your parents. You must explain to them the difference in training approach. With that said, if this is a team gymnast, you must put your foot down and not allow team kids to do as such. If you lose a kid over it, it is probably not one that you’d want in your program, anyway. By this parent taking her kid elsewhere, it is completely undermining your program and your staff.

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