Training with Other Programs…a Response

Just Another Opinion wrote a very good comment on the post about Training with Other Programs.  I would encourage everyone to read the entire comment, but here is an excerpt about an issue that I think is comparative and important:

This is one of the reasons I hate private lessons for kids who don’t normally train with a coach on a certain event. What if Coach A has been working with Susie on her high beam backwalkover for a year and it’s just not happening. Then Coach B does a few private lessons with Susie and she gets it. Is Susie (or Susie’s mom) ever going to trust Coach A again? Maybe, maybe not. This is all around a bad situation. If Coach A actually is a weak coach, then he shouldn’t be coaching in your gym, and if he’s not (a weak coach), then his legs have just been chopped out from under him, and resentment will start breeding in that gym (between the coaches, between the parents, between the coaches and parents, coaches and kids, and on and on) and that’s a quick way to nasty-town. And if Coach A is a weak coach in just this aspect and otherwise has potential, then Coach B needs to educate Coach A and they need to get on the same page, which can’t be done if Coach A is in one gym and Coach B is in some alternative facility.

Thanks, JAO, for responding.  I look forward to hearing from others about this or any other topics.

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