Comments from Satisfied Readers…

I just popped in over at The Chalk Bucket Coaching Forum and saw some nice comments related to Troy’s extensive post on training front handsprings.  Here’s what some readers have had to say over there…

From “BarCoach”

I was working on floor with the level 5s last night. Watching the girls with better front handsprings, I noticed they naturally bend their back legs in their take offs, and the ones who struggle with front handsprings do not. So they all tried standing front handsprings with bent back legs to get the good push. One of them said, “That’s so much easier!”. I was glad to hear it. Thanks for the great drills.

From “Geoffrey Taucer:”

“I also had my level 4 boys try front handsprings with the back knee bent in the lunge. HUGE difference. Great drills, thanks a ton!”

From “Gymdog”

“Another coach who tried the back knee weight transfer…worked really well. Some of the kids took awhile to figure out the coordination but when they did it helped. Will continue to work from these positions.”

Kudos to Troy for such an informative post with excellent videos of drills and progressions!

And, thanks to those of you who are supporting our efforts with this blog.  We hope that the information provided continues to be useful to you!

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