What Is Ideal Posture?

A couple of weeks ago, Troy created a blog post about training the handstand.  Obviously, as coaches, our goal is to help the gymnasts develop a handstand that is straight as possible.  But, just what exactly is ideal posture???

Well, ideal posture is defined as a straight line passing through….

Photo taken from:

Oatis, C.A. Kinesiology:  The Mechanics & Pathomechanics of Human  Movement, 5th ed. Lippincott et al., 2004.

  • the ear lobe
  • the bodies of the cervical vertebrae
  • the tip of the shoulder
  • mid-way through the thorax
  • the bodies of the lumbar vertebrae
  • slightly posterior (behind) to the hip joint
  • slightly anterior (in front of) to knee joint axis
  • slightly anterior to the lateral malleolus (ankle bone)
One thing worth mentioning is this – if your athletes can’t stand up straight, how can you expect them to be straight when they are upside down on their hands?

I think that handstand development begins by correcting posture and alignment in a standing position as well as both prone (on the belly) and supine (on the back).
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