Coach Poll/Research: Wall Bars

Coaches: I need to build a new set of wall bars (or stall bars, depending I guess on what region you’re in?). I want to know if anyone has ever seen a style of wall bar that they think is both effective AND visually appealing (and accessible to all heights/ages of kids)? In other words, what’s the best design you’ve ever seen?

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3 Comments on “Coach Poll/Research: Wall Bars”

  1. Nick Hand Says:

    I built some for Olympiad Ellisville once. I made them with bars every 6 inches and the top bar was 3 inches forward of the rest. I also built a chin up bar out from the wall bars because we were short of bar space and not a lot of room to do pull up/chin ups. I wish I still had the plans that I made for them but they have been miss placed over time. It was a lot of fun making them though.
    I think the best ones seem to be the ones with the most bars more closely spaced. You have more options.

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  3. Ben Carson Says:

    The stall bars in my gym are made out of steel and were built by a team parent who donated his time to build paint and install them – $0 cost to the gym.

    Design – 1″ diamater bars placed 1 ft apart to make an 8-10ft structure with the top bar offset 6″ forward for leg lifts. Width: custom made to fit the space that we had available, mounted to a concrete wall.

    Ideas for rec/preschool – Multi-colored/shaped touch-lights (available at dollar store) mounted to the wall above the bars (climb to the top, turn the light on, climb down and back, turn it off). Also paint each bar a different color and then print the spelling of the color on it as well. The idea is to incorporate shape, color and word associations with the physical activity.

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