My name is Chris and I have been coaching gymnastics “off” and “on” for slightly over 17 years.  While I don’t have a formal background in the sport myself, I’ve spent countless hours studying videos, attending camps/clinics/congress, reading research, and visiting other programs as often as possible.  I also hold a BS and MS in Kinesiology.

Please feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns at gymcoach97@hotmail.com


I’m Troy Wright and I have been coaching competitive gymnastics full-time for over 31 years.  I have worked with athletes in almost every aspect of the sport (Tumbling, Acro, Cheerleading, Pre-school, Recreational, Trampoline, and Team).  I have been a Team Head Coach, an event only coach, and I have also owned my own gym.  So, I think I have a great amount of experience to share with those of you who are interested.  I, myself, am still constantly on the hunt for new ideas and better ways to do things, so please feel free to share with me whatever you have had success with.

You may contact me at vaultcoach@sbcglobal.net .

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Steve Roney Says:

    Thanks for a great blog site.

  2. Amy Says:

    Hi ya,
    I would love for you to do a post on developing passive and active flexibility. There are so many different stories/myths around about how to develop flexibility and frankly I don’t know what to believe anymore.
    For eg. some people say stretches need to be held for 2minutes and others say that just tires the muscles and is counter productive.
    Some people say strength reduces flexibility and others say its a necessary component for improving flexibility.
    Anyway I am very interested in this, since I have been working hard at improving my flexiblity in my legs and my gains are small. I have been training splits for over 1 year and the lowest point I can get is to about 1 inch off the floor. I know eventually I will get there but I feel many people struggle from this and advice would greatly be appreciated.

  3. Paul Says:


    Ive come across a lot of people recently who seem to be having trouble with teaching front layouts and bounding layouts. I think it is a problem that could be addressed. I think it would help if you guys did something on it.

  4. John Geddert Says:

    hey love the debates and information. I have a site that is also dedicated to coaches education called THEGYMNASTICSCOACH.COM. I was wondering if you would add it to your blog roll. Just trying to get the word out!


  5. Ben Carson Says:

    Troy Wright openly attacked me on one of my YouTube videos. He doesn’t seem like a very nice/helpful person based on our initial contact.

  6. Ben Carson Says:

    Actually, I was wrong. We had a miscommunication and he turned out to be a really nice guy. He really cares about the kids and giving them proper instruction that will benefit them throughout their gymnastics careers.

    Thanks Troy

  7. Tautu Florin Says:

    Nice website
    A lot of things to learn

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