Cause and Effect

I got a great idea from a team coach from another gym recently, and thought I would take it a step further than just doing an article, and attach it to this blog.  The idea is to just start a banter back and forth with coaches from any aspect of our great sport regarding “Cause and Effect”. 

As we all know, many times in gymnastics, or any sport for that matter, when something goes wrong in a skill or a technique, it is very rarely the main problem with that skill or technique, but more often the result of an error earlier on in that skill.  Some of these errors are very easily identified and dealt with and some can be much more complicated depending on the level of the experience of the coach, the ability of the athlete, and the amount of time the athlete has committed this error (how much of a habit it has become). 

So, the idea is to have you, as commenters, challenge all of us, as bloggers and other viewers of this blog, to come up with the true causes of symptoms that you see with your athletes and then in turn, some possible solutions to those causes.  I think this can be a very useful tool for all of us to grow as coaches, as long as we are all open-minded to all of the possibilities available.

To participate in this idea, simply take the time to leave a question or scenario, etc. on the comment page.  Then, I will take those off of the comment page and create a post on that particular situation, and comment myself as to my take on it, and then ask anyone viewing it to post a comment regarding their idea as to causes and/or solutions.

This will be lots of fun, and I believe, a tremendous help in strengthening our incredible sports!  Thanks to all of you in advance for your time and effort regarding this.

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One Comment on “Cause and Effect”

  1. I will play. Here is a theoretical question..i don’t actually have a gymnast with that problem.

    why is it that i can’t get around on a standing back with a half. I keep falling back onto my bum”

    (i hope that is in the right format of question otherwise you do whatever it is you need to go to make it into one)

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