Coaches who Deserve more Attention!!!

I am going to start a series of posts on coaches that are underappreciated on a National level.  We always hear about the coaches who are helping to produce athletes that are competitive on the national scene, and, while I do have respect for that, I also know that there are plenty of coaches out there who are just as good (sometimes better), who do not get that kind of attention, simply because they have not been lucky enough to have that star athlete.  If you have been involved in the sport as long as I have (or maybe much less), you have to be aware that there are loads of coaches out there who bust their fannies on a day-to-day basis for very little thanks or attention.  I want to recognize these coaches!  So, I am asking you to send me suggestions for this post, and why you think they are deserving.  Chris and I will sort through these and decide who we are going to profile, and then send them a questionaire and/or do an interview with them, and post it on our blog.

I am really excited about this, so I hope you will all get involved.  Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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7 Comments on “Coaches who Deserve more Attention!!!”

  1. Leif Wright Says:

    How about Troy Wright!

    OK, Seriously, black background with white text is hard on the eyes. Please go with a light background and dark text. Thanks.

  2. I’ve always admired the “developing” coach.

    The coach that teaches best handstand, giants, … the BASICS.

    Often it’s a different coach who eventually takes the gymnast on to the Floor at Nationals.

    One name you’ve never heard of I’d be happy to put on this list:

    Miguel Constante from Calgary Gymnastics Centre.

    If you polled all the MAG coaches in Canada and asked them who was the best coach of young gymnasts, I think Miguel would be named most often.

    Yet if you Google him, you’ll not find a single result.

    There are many great developing coaches around the world that are unknown. That’s a shame.

  3. JZ Says:

    James Bayer Grand Forks ND Sr D national Champ a couple years ago ago.
    James spends allot of time driving around the state helping small town gyms develop programs and trying to build better gymnastics state wide instead of just his gym. He has been judgeing men’s gymnastics in the state for at least 15years. I was the Men’s State Chair for ND for 7 years in those 7 years James would take the minimum pay, food and gas, to judge even after spending all weekend coaching the level 4-10’s, Men’s was always the last session.
    I’m not sure if that what you are looking for, but when I made the switch to women’s gymnastics he was on call sometimes at 1am when I was having a scheduling, budget issue, or need to discuss a technique. James does this with any coach that needed or needs help.
    I wish I could better express the amount of work he has done for North Dakota Gymnastics
    Thanks, James


  4. Jovan Says:

    In reply to Juston,

    James is now the head coach at TAGS South Gymnastics in Apple Valley. I agree with you on him being a spectacular coach. He coached Lora Evanstad (who is now a senior at Nebraska) to the Sr. D Level 10 National title. He is excellent. He takes his time.

  5. Jackie Says:

    I know this is an old post but I have to agree that Miguel Constante is differently a coach who deserves more recognition. He is a perfectionist and it is easy to spot an athlete that has been coached by Miguel.

  6. elaine dawn Says:

    my comment is not directed to Miguel, but, i am/was a volunteer coach at my local club that my daughter has been attending for 7 years, and ever since the arrival of a level 2 coach, my coaching seems to be unappreciated anymore. its demoralising. i was working towards level 1 aswell.

  7. Jackie Says:

    I completely agree with you on Miguel Constante. You are right in that it is easy to spot an athlete that he has coached. They have a notable clean style. His athletes are not sloppy. I wish he would get acknowledged for his unique and dedicated style of coaching! I have known him for twenty years and he has not wavered in his style.

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